About Us

BRIG Rigid Inflatable Boats are designed and built by a dedicated team of ex-military aeronautical engineers. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the transition from fighter jets to leisure craft was an easy one. Slava Rodionov (founder and managing director of BRIG) and his brother (an ex-MIG fighter pilot) have applied their previous knowledge and exacting standards of aeronautics into building BRIG RIBs. Coupled with the latest cutting-edge technology, each boat is hand built at the 70,000 square foot factory in the Ukraine.

Each and every BRIG boat is finished to very high standards with each stage recorded and quality checked for total accountability. The best materials are sourced from around the world and all boats meet ISO/IEC standards.

BRIG USA is the proud American distributor of BRIG RIBs. BRIG USA is also the largest distributorship among the global network of respected and experienced BRIG distributors. As part of our mission to provide unparalleled service, we source many commonly requested BRIG OEM replacement parts on this site for U.S. shipping only.


All sales are final. We will no longer accept returns or exchanges.