What if I don't see the part I need?

All available parts are for sale on this site. We apologize but we are not able to source or sell parts not listed online.

Why can’t I add certain parts to my cart?

If you find a part on our site but there is no ‘add to cart’ button, unfortunately the part is currently out of stock and not available for purchase.

What is the return policy?

All sales are final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.

Why can't I purchase replacement tubes for my Falcon 300 or Falcon 330?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to source a cost effective option for replacement tubes on the F300 and F330 models. 

Is my boat PVC or Hypalon?

All Eagles and Navigator imported into the US are Hypalon.

All boats imported 2017 or later are Hypalon.

2016 or older Falcon's could be PVC or Hypalon. Most were PVC.

How do I tell the difference between PVC and Hypalon (CSM)?

Learn the difference here.

Where can I buy PVC and/or Hypalon fabric?

You can purchase extra fabric by the square foot, per meter, or by pre-cut pieces at either online stores: Inflatable Boat Parts or NRS.

How do I diagnose a problem with my BRIG?

Please take your BRIG to an inflatable boat repair shop. We cannot diagnose problems through emails from this site.

What valves do I have on my boat?

Navigators and Falcons 2015 and later: Halkey Roberts

Eagles 2014 and later: Leafield

All BRIG Valves

What glue do I use?

Poly Marine 2 Part Hypalon 

Poly Marine 2 Part PVC

You can find this at your local West Marine

What color gel-coat should I use to repair my boat?

Repairing gel-coat is both an art and a science. The precise gel-color depends on a number of factors including the:

1. Time of day it was applied
2. Temperature at which it was applied
3. Batch of gel-coat used (each batch differs slightly)
4. The age (as boats age, gel-coat fades)

For the best match we recommend you work with a marine professional to make any gel-coat repairs on your BRIG. If you want to match the color yourself, you can find companies online that will match samples. 

We do not sell gel-coat or recommend any particular gel-coat vendor.

What year is my boat & where is the HIN plate located?

The HIN (Hull Identification Number) plate will always be found on the starboard side of the boat on the transom.

UA = Ukraine 

QRK = BRIG (this is the manufacturer's code) 

47847 = Hull production number

E = May

8 = Built in 2018

19 = Model Year 2019

This boat is a 2019


How do I determine the air pressure of the tubes?

One way to check the pressure of your tubes is by attaching a pressure gauge. Some air pumps come equipped with a built-in pressure gauge, but if yours doesn't, you can just as easily check the air pressure with a portable pressure gauge.

Another option is to replace your boat's valves with TRIB airCap solar-powered, high-accuracy pressure gauges. These attach directly to the inflation valve and show the current tube pressure so you immediately know if the tubes need more air. There are two airCap models, one compatible with Leafield C7/D7 valves and the other compatible with Halkey-Roberts valves. You can see how easy these valves are to install in this video, and for more information you can visit the TRIB website

Can I use mold cleaner on my BRIG's tubes?

It is not an uncommon thought to use household mold cleaners when you see that mold has grown into the fabric of your BRIG's tubes. However, we do not recommend using any type of mold cleaner on your BRIG's Hypalon tubes. This is because the cleaner will not only eat the mold, but the fabric itself, leaving behind thinned spots all over the tubes when washed off.

All sales are final. We will no longer accept returns or exchanges.